Singers and multi instrumentalists Helen and Louise Curtis-Streich, were born to Anglo-Swiss parentage. A dominant and formative part of their childhood was spent within the farming community of the Bernese Alps, immersed in traditional culture and family life. They formed vocal duo Sätteli to honour their Swiss heritage, bringing a completely unique sound to British audiences with an eclectic mix of alpine songs old, new and original. They are part of an exciting movement of artists who are exploring the boundaries of Swiss traditional music. 

The sisters grew up singing and playing music together. The sound their voices create together have been described as- 


"Emotive and hauntingly beautiful"


Sätteli were featured on BBC Radio 3 ‘Late Night Junction’ by Mara Carlyle, who described their album ‘Sing Es Lied Für Mi’ as:


“Full of perfectly intonated delights” Mara Carlyle.


 “Both have a wonderful gift, their voices sound terrific and blend marvellously together” –Miriam Schafroth.


Louise and Helen felt the desire to explore and go deeper into the wealth of very old and beautiful music, some of which is dying out within the small valleys of Switzerland. It is the love of these sounds and the unique ways of expressing the voice, which provides a powerful continuing connection to their motherland.


“It is an honour to be able to sing this lesser known music and take it to a wider and often stunned audience” – Sätteli


Sätteli have performed and given workshops at many festivals and events such as Musicport, Solfest, Equinox, Holmforth Festival of Folk, Hebden Bridge Folk Roots festival, Cabaret Saltaire and at the Howard Assembly Rooms. They have also had radio features including on BBC Radio 3 and BBC radio Leeds.


Listen to or buy their E.P at www.satteli.bandcamp.com