Singing in The Landscape'

28 Aug 19

We are really excited to be a part of this over the next fortnight... 

 "It is a little know fact that at National Trust, Hardcastle Crags hosted the Clarion Vocal Unions or Choirs 'Great Meets' in the 1920's. This saw hundreds of people walking and cycling into the woods to meet as a huge congregation to sing. 

This September, as part of our National Trust Programme Project, we are excited to relive this history by hosting a 'Singing in The Landscape' workshop on the 1st September (and ceremonial walk 14th September) with Helen and Louise Curtis-Streich, better known as Sätteli, they formed as a vocal duo to honour their heritage and will be leading workshop participants into the landscape to experience our heritage" 

Its also worth noting that Hardcastle Crags has some unique connect with Switzerland, in fact it is known to many by the nickname of 'Little Switzerland' because of beauty of its woodland, river and steep valley sides. There is a boulder hidden somwehere in the crags that was taken from Switzerland and placed here, and likewise there is a boulder from Hardcastle Crags that was placed in Switzerland! 

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