"Footfall" Join Sätteli and sound artist Dan Fox on a processional walk and woodland ceremony- 14th September 5pm

05 Sep 19

We would love you to join Sätteli and sound artist Dan Fox at the National Trust woodland, Hardcastle Crags (also known as Little Switzerland) on a dusky processional walk and woodland ceremony on Saturday September 14th "Commemorating a time, 50 years ago when Hardcastle Crags could have been submerged under water by a plan to halt the river and fill the valley to the brim. Together we'll acknowledge the great determination of local people who saved the beauty of this valley and our right to roam within it. We'll raise a toast and reaffirm our commitment to preserving this beautiful place for future generations" 

Hardcastle crags is a place which is close to our hearts. It is the reason why I (Helen) came to live in Hebden Bridge... I was living in Switzerland for 3 months having moved from Leeds. I had packed up all my belongings with no intention of moving back to the city. We grew roaming the Lancashire and Swiss countryside and it was time to go back. While I was in Switzerland I began to think about where I might go that had equal beauty to Switzerland. The things that were important for me were steep hills, valleys, rivers and woodland... it didn't take long to decide where to go! 

We were horrified to learn about what nearly became of this incredible haven, and were very keen to be involved in this wonderful event- so please do join us to celebrate. 

The meeting point is Gibson Mill, where there is a bar and exhibition open from 5pm. To register (its free) follow this link